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Welcome to the Institute of English Language and Speech. This institute deals with specifications for speech and allied subjects including Performance Arts. IELS qualifications are specially designed for candidates who wish to pursue developing speech, performance, and delivering a variety of forms that encompass Speech and Drama, Acting, News Reading, Performing Extracts from plays in a range of styles, and mastery of performance.

IELS simply makes available the range of content of syllabi enabling the facilitating trainer, and the learning candidates to collaborate and select an exam of their choice. This leads to the well-focused preparation for exams in the interest of the candidate’s performance.

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Over the years IELS has proven it, ensuring standards on maintaining excellence in curriculum design, assessments, and evaluations. Thousands of IELS products today are Global Citizens utilizing the skills, knowledge, and competencies on natural, pragmatic platforms in the backdrops of social, cultural, and economic spheres.

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IELS Examinations are conducted annually. We specialize in the assessment of communicative and performance skills covering English language, speech, and allied subjects.IELS Examinations arrange Speech Examinations to be conducted at registered centres throughout the year.

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Why choose IELS?

IELS Examinations are opted by many because

» IELS Examinations are candidate performance and achievement based.

» IELS Examinations ensure quality output by promptly and precisely addressing trainer and candidate needs.

» IELS Examinations are conducted by experts in the field.

» IELS Examinations are designed to recognize the candidate learning, engagement and achievements.

» IELS Examinations results are released within sixty days after the exams.

» IELS candidates are encouraged to identify their own inner potential which in turn helps them successfully reach a level of maturity in selected areas.

» IELS Examinations are candidate friendly to identify their potential.

» IELS are SMART – Specific , Measurable, Achievable , Realistic and Time Bound.

» IELS Examinations are service bound and are focused on the candidates success in real life performances in line with the suitable development goals for education.

» IELS Examinations are focused on employability

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